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The HealthTech Connex Centre for Neurology Studies offers a leading edge research centre at the heart of The Health & Technology District. Offering comprehensive research support and services for clinical trials and studies, the CNS team can facilitate the full execution of a clinical study – from inception through to formal publication.

What We Offer

We are a boutique site administering high-quality clinical trials and scientific services.
brain focus

Neuro Focus

Operating in the field of neurology and brain health, our core focus evolves around device trials in neuropopulations. This includes - but is not limited to - traumatic brain injury (TBI), multiple sclerosis (MS), stroke, brain monitoring, cognitive function, and healthy ageing of the brain.



As a boutique site, we use validated measures to ensure the highest quality research, and proper matching of coordinators and teams to projects. At your service, our clinical team includes a range of highly trained Assessment Specialists, Certified Clinical Research Professionals, and Physiotherapists specialized in Neuro-Rehabilitation.



The Centre for Neurology Studies is located in a brand new facility with more than 3000 square feet dedicated to our clinical trials. Our multi-purpose spaces and assessment tools include state-of-the-art clinical testing equipment and access to leading technology platforms in the field.



Located in Surrey (Metro Vancouver), the Centre has access to a large and diverse population in a world-class city. Our close proximity to health care facilities, research labs and university campuses further provides a vibrant environment and extensive network of high-skilled people at the forefront of neuroscience.


We offer comprehensive research support and services for clinical trials and studies.
Services range from inception through to formal publication, with a team that can facilitate the full execution of a clinical study.
Services can be fully customized to accommodate studies occurring on site or off site.

& Design

  • Study Design
  • Study Document Preparation (Protocol, ICF)
  • Ethics Applications


  • Strategy Planning
  • Advertising
  • Active & Passive Participant


  • Use of Shared Clinical Spaces
  • Screen & Enrol
  • Staff Support and Back up Coverage


  • Data Collection
  • Data Entry
  • Specialized & Standardized Assessments


  • Analysis Planning and Execution
  • Consulting and Oversight
  • Data Visualization

Write-Up &

  • Internal Paper
  • Publication in Peer Review Journal
  • Compile Press Release Findings

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