Firms Race to Find New Ways to Scan Brain Health

By December 11, 2017HTC

HealthTech Connex is disrupting and transforming the way we understand brain health. WebMD‘s Brenda Goodman reports on our Brain Vital Signs technology and NeuroCatch Platform:

Using Brain Waves to Spot Problems

A company called HealthTech Connex is using a different approach — it is measuring waves generated by the brain’s responses to sights and sounds to detect problems.

In one study, done along with the Mayo Clinic, hockey players donned a cap that looks a little like a bathing cap covered in electrodes. It recorded the brain’s activity before and after the players got knocked in the head.

It generates something its creator, Ryan D’Arcy, PhD, calls “brain vital signs.”

D’Arcy, a neuroscientist and professor at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, came up with software that works with EEG machines to detect changes to how the brain responds to sights and sounds.

In an ongoing study, for example, the software was able to show when hockey players got concussions after a blow to the head. It also showed that when they returned to play, their brain waves still hadn’t quite returned to normal.

He says the company will continue to develop profiles of brain wave changes that reflect different disease states like depression and dementia.

D’Arcy says the company is applying for FDA medical device approval in 2018. In the beginning, it will be marketed to doctors.

“Just like blood pressure and heart rate have transformed cardiac care, we intend for this to disrupt and transform brain health,” he says.


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