A brain monitoring platform is an innovative technology that captures complex brainwave technologies.

Keeping track of your brain vital signs is key for understanding your individual brain vitality and ensuring the most suitable approach for achieving the best possible health. 

HealthTech Connex, Inc. works to revolutionize the practice of clinical neuroscience through advanced technologies based on the highest quality science and innovation.

The NeuroCatch Platform™ is intended to allow anyone to quickly, easily, and effectively generate Brain Vital Signs™ that represent quantified key brain responses for rapid evaluation of vitality. A numerical performance score is computed allowing for an objective evaluation of your brain health.

Currently in the developmental phase, the NeuroCatch Platform™ brain monitoring platform is an innovative technology with the potential of capturing complex brainwave technologies, and translates them into objective, practical and deployable brain vital signs that are believed to help better monitor brain health.

Once completed, the NeuroCatch™ brain monitoring platform is intended to be a consumer friendly device that any health care specialists and individuals alike can use to monitor brain vitality.

The NeuroCatch™ Platform is an investigational medical device under development, and is not yet cleared and approved for commercial distribution in Canada or the United States.

The NeuroCatch Platform™ is compliant under CSA standards (SPE 3000-15).